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We offer children and adult classes.

Ballet - Classical and contemporary styles from beginner to advanced

Pre-ballet - Introduction to ballet for 3-5 year olds, using creative movement and musicality exercises, weight placement and positions of the feet are also introduced

Pre-pointe - Physical therapy to strengthen the feet and ankles of dancers preparing them for the transition from ballet class to pointe work

Pointe - Concentrates on movements performed exclusively on pointe, strengthening students' technique for performing

Jazz - Concentrates on isolated movements and musical rhythms, based on jazz styles from masters across the United States

Modern - Contemporary dance style, concentrating on controlled free movement

Tap - Classic tap styles based on general music rhythms and timing

Boy's classes - Combines acrobatics; body conditioning; and dance, including partnering techniques. Boy's classes are designed to improve strength, agility, and coordination, all vital components to improve participation in sports.

Acrobatics - Floorwork and tumbling, concentrating on strengthening and increasing flexibility of the legs and back

Stretch - Open classes promoting strengthening the body through increased flexibility, based upon ballet, yoga, and Pilates-style methods.




Ballet students are required to keep a notebook to record French terminology and to write down combinations learned in class. The Technical Manual Dictionary of Classical Ballet by Gail Grant is suggested for students Level A and higher.


The Teacher's Assistant Program is available to those students who are 12 years or older, and in B2, C1, and C2 levels in the Pre-Professional Division.


Royal Academy of Ballet students are encouraged to audition for the winter and spring performances given by the Greater Buffalo Youth Ballet. Rehearsals for the ballet repertoire are held outside of regularly scheduled classes, enabling students to continue working on their technique. All students perform in a spring performance and repertoire is learned in the student's regularly scheduled class.


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